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Eid: Tidbits Of Everything
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Aren’t both of them were cute? We will be together till heaven do us part’ Maybe they said that to eachother

Bismillahi MashALLAH

Allahummasolli’ala Muhammad wa’alaalihi Wasohbihiajmaien


Eid Saeid!

Kullu ‘Am Waentum Bilkhair, Waila Too’atillahi Adwamu. Amin

I hope i’m not that late for that. The greeting. We have reached the end of ayyamul tashriq by the way. Hopefully we have been bless, forgive and our deeds being accepted in this year Eid of Adha.

Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar Wallillahilhamd

This Eid is ……. kind of out of places for me.


We missed some crucial moments in Eid for some sort of reason. Before the Eid, I kind of worn out in order to complete and submit students marks, being inform for a permanent job interview at the very last minitte, and preparing to go back to our hometown with a poor health condition alongside with bad whether. No not a bad whether, of course. A not to used whether. The poor person who has been drag into all these is not other then my own husband.

But Alhamdulillah by the end 9th Dzulhijjah evening, I have completed all the task that been instructed. So we went back and having our iftor together. Later that night just after isya’, we went to buy some groceries and then went to take the rent car that we booked earlier due to the small accident that has occurred my husband last week.

By the time my husband sent me home and go back to the hospital I can’t think of anything anymore. I am totally worn out.

Around two in the morning, I woke up and finish all the chores that still left and begin to pack our suitcase. It such an exhausting day but I have still to do my duty. My husband has help a lot so I can’t just sit and look.

Our plan earlier to go back after Subuh but my husband changed our plan. He said it better to go out at 4 at the morning so I just agreed.

I prepared the preparation to cook the Eid dishes at my mom’s house just before we left.

The main dish I plan to prepare is all time favorite in my MIL house. It was an old time recipes from my husband grandmother on his father side who known as a great cook. My MIL will made that dish on every single Eid celebration and on special occasion. So I better not ruin everything by not being well-prepared.


Around 11.30 at noon we arrived at my home. I quickly started cooking. I begin preparing a simple fruit pudding cocktail for dessert and later on moving to cooking Ayam Masak Halba/Kari Ayam Halba (not consist any Kari spices despite the name) and Nasi Pilaf.

Never in my life I cook in the day of Eid. It always before or after. But this year is totally different. A rushing preparation. A morning of Eid on the road.

I never thought later that day, my father invite on of his Urdunian’s friend to have a lunch at our house since the brother didn’t have anywhere to go.

Thanks to ALLAH since I prepared sort of Mediterranean dishes taste alike so tht he can eat that without so much hesitances. My ummi is not feeling well so she just cook one dish which is lontong and sambal ikan tumis.

He can’t speak English very well, so both of us kind of completely immersed in the conversation with out long-lost arabic language. Totally forgotten our dear family around us.

Out of places for the first time for me but in a good way.


On the first night of Eid, we visited one of my good friend’s house before attend one of PAS Subang’s Eid ceremony and meeting with my dear fellows Muslimat whom have been together for years through up’s and down before I getting married.


My husband offer a hand to help at the mosque. After all the majlis and cooking finished and waiting for my husband finished his rest of few hours sleep we went back to Kuantan; husband hometown.

MashALLAH, what an Eid!

But still we have a great time and shared a blissful moment together. Along with all our big family of course.

May we can benefit from life changing experiences of sacrificing lead by Khalilullah followed later by chosen one and step our little feet to BaytALLAHil haram.


Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar, Walillahilhamd.

p/s: I'm not used to take a pictures when I cooked something. So there is not pictures of Kari Ayam Halba and Nasi Pilaf. The recipe's for Nasi Pilaf is taken from Mat Gebu's blog and Kari Ayam Halba's is originally from my FIL's mother and inherited by my MIL's. I will posted the recepi later, inshALLAH.

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