Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My First Cheese Cake

I hope mine was like this. But my crust was not that decent. The cheese cake is merely an ok.


My first cheese cake was a flop.

Well. Maybe. Not really.

But its not that bad I think. I have put a bit more lemon juice than needed. The recipe stated that its required 1kg of cream cheese. That was way too much so I just put 750kg instead. It stated to put double cream but I didn't put any.

The texture is a tad creamy for my liking. But my ummi seems to love it and my hub just ate it. But it was me and my sisters who didn't like it so much.

Any ideas or tips on how to make a perfect cheese cake? I'm a lover of cheese cake. Both of us to be exact. The first trying was not a total failure but definitely not that great either.


  1. Salams ya Ukht,

    I have been busy lately, the intellectual demand is sometimes more than I can bear, but somehow, I manage to involve myself in the hedonic activities instead! But I hope it can turn it to be an ibadah too, insyaAllah *wink winK*

    I love cheese cake too, was planning to do it before, yet the time seems to elude me. Here I copy paste the link of my friend, she is a geart cook, particularly on desserts. The recent recipe is the manggo cheesecake, but I think you can substitute with any fruit.


    Let me know when you have tried it eh? :)

    Much love!

  2. Salam rindu dik,

    Patutnya kak su tak payah letak komen sbb tak de petua atau resepi yang nak di kongsi. Tak penah buat pun walaupun suka jugak makan. MCuma mngkin sbb kak su dan hubby bukan peminat tegar cheese cake kot, so tak kisah ttg resepinya. Tapi sbb gatal tangan lama tak menulis dan buat komen, kak su conteng jugak la kat sini. Tak pe kan...?

  3. Salamz,
    akak suka cheesy2 nih..:) i made some tartlets based on this recipe -> http://www.foodnetwork.ca/Recipes/Dessert/Citrus/recipe.html?dishid=7796
    but then, itu bukan cheese cake tapi sedap dan bercheese. n senang benar cara buatnya, akak buat utk taklim kt sini n all of them insisted nk tau the recipe :) so i just wanna share it with u too :)

  4. salam
    kak sumayyah. lama btul tak jenguk kat sini. never tried making cheesecake yg mcm tu. so tak tau mcm mana nk improve.

    but, would like to share this recipe. i tried this and love it so much. though my attempt to make the cake marble tak pernah jadi. so the next time buat i end up kaco semua ja.

    nevertheless the taste still sedap sgt. heres the recipe:

    choco batter:
    - 250 g butter
    - 160 g sugar
    - 1/2 tsp salt

    - 2 eggs
    - 1 egg yolk

    - 120 g plain floor
    - 20 g cocoa powder
    - 1/2 tsp baking powder

    cheese/white batter
    - 250 g softened cream cheese
    - 80 g castor sugar
    - 1 tsp lemon juice
    - 1 egg

    beat A then add B and C
    beat D
    bake 180 degree 35min/till cook

    then try to "marble" the cake.
    happy trying kak sumayyah or maybe you already tried making this before? if so, bleh habaq mcm mana nk buat marble tu?

  5. skum Kak Su,

    Dakpe. MashALLAH, sangat berbesar hati adalah.:)

    Lagi meriah bila ada catatan K.su. Semoga kak su dan suami sihat2 selalu

  6. @K.Nur:

    Salam ukht Nur,

    Thanks for the information. Is it a great coincidence? I have come across her blog whilst searching for apple crumble two cents.

    I love her talent of baking. Definitely heavenly savory!


  7. Hana.

    Terima kasih banyak2 atas perkongsian ent. Akak dah pernah buat. Bawa rumah mak mentua. Rasanya the same recipe. But thanks anyways for your kind sharing. It will totally benefit us and others here.:)

  8. Salam

    Kak Z,

    Thansk so much for the info. I totally LOVE what I see and read. Gonna try it soon, inshALLAH.

    Please do share with us your recipes and cooking lagi ye.:)

  9. Assalamu'alaykum Sumayyah,

    I baked cheese cake twice. Yg first tak berapa jadi creamy, yang second better. Bezanya ialah yang second tu ada letak double cream and yogurt. Kemudian bakar secara bain-marie. Dia jadi sangat moist and creamy. Letak blueberry sbg topping. If you left out the cream, maybe you can substitute it with similar amount of plain yogurt.

    Here is the recipe that I've tried : http://yatiememories.blogspot.com/2010/01/plain-cheese-cake_03.html

    Saya buat hari tu saya doublekan setiap bahan. So saya guna half cream half yogurt.