Sunday, February 7, 2010

Try To Cry Even If You Have To Pretend It


Dr Qardhawi, is a scholar whom I respect so much. I may differ with him in certain matters, methodology of feqh and rulings but he is outstanding as a contemporary scholar whom emphasized on unity among Muslim and preserve of good adab whilst dealing with khilaf amongst us. Here, a heart-wrenching and eyeopening talk of him. Even when Dr Qardhawi himself shed his tears.

How about us who laugh more than we cried in front ALLAH? Who indulge in worldly affairs more than focusing our soul towards ALLAH? Who put our nafs and uncalled desire over ALLAH's Will? How many times we did this & that and still so much into our own self? How many times did we sacrifices what truly uphold for us for something that not even exist in the first place? Who love and put this dunya in our heart!!! O pity our soul.....

If not with ALLAH mercy should we not, will not deserve to be here and have what we had. Only with HIS Will and Mercy we still walk, strive and breath in this world.

1) Do not immerse by people praises, but focus on your inner self and sins

الناس يمدحونك لما يظنونه فيك ،فكن أنت ذاما لنفسك لما تعلمه منها
Ibnu Athaillah As-Sakandari

Do not immerse in by what people praising you. Should you know what sins, and ghaflah that you be with more than others know about it. While people praising you, counts your own faults towards others. You know your heart on how it keep going to the wrong places. Even when it crying for help to be assist to what ALLAH want and ask from us we keep ignored it calls.

2) Shed your tears even if you have to pretend it

Shed your tears o myself and counts your own faults and sins. Do not ever put your back - again- before ALLAH. Observe your faults, admitted it, repent, seek only ALLAH. Whilst at the same time don't ever give up for HIS Mercy. But do not hope with an empty hand. As Yahya ibn Ma'aadh said:-

“In my opinion, the worst kind of self-delusion is for someone to sin excessively and then to hope for forgiveness without feeling any remorse; or it is to expect to draw near to Allah, the Exalted, without obeying or worshipping Him; or it is to hope for the fruits of the Garden after having only planted the seeds for the Fire; or it is to seek the abode of the obedient through committing wrong actions; or it is to expect a reward after having done nothing worthwhile; or it is to place hope in Allah, Glorious and Mighty is He, after having exceeded all the limits”.

3) Cover your brother 'aib

وقال عليه الصلاة والسلام أيضا: ”من ستر مسلما ستره الله يوم القيامة” رواه البخاري ومسلم

Cover your brothers 'aib as Allah has covered our aib bisitrihil Jamil. We ourself, were amongs sinful servants of HIM who are lucky by ALLAH mercy our 'aib and sins has been covered by ALLAH. Cover your brothers 'aib as HE will covered our 'aib in the Hereafter.

تأمل في نبات الأرض وانظر
إلى آثار ما صنع المليك
عيون من لجين شاخصات
بأحداقٍ هي الذهب السبيك
على كثب الزبرجد شاهداتٍ
بأنّ الله ليس له شريك

إلهي لا تعذبني فإنّي
مقرّ بالذي قد كان منّي
يظنّ الناس بي خيراً وإنّي
لشرّ الناس إن لم تعف عنّي
Abu Nawas

More than to anyone, this is more to my own self.

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