Monday, March 1, 2010

Blown Away



The love of the Prophet, tough I'm far than an obedient ummah of the Prophet saw. They are so many flaws which still needed to be improve on my way of showing the love to him and application of spreading the Risalah Nubuwah.

Even so, I can't help but totally blown away with Khalid Belrenzi's recitation of Burdah. I have put his nasyeed on the widget beside. Upon first heard his nasyeed on Aliff Music last year, instantly I was spell-bounded on how beautiful and in depth the recitation was. His voice was not as smooth as Muhamamd Husayyan or Maher Zain per say, but his husky voice reflect a depth of love and admiration to our Beloved Prophet saw.

Having said that, the rememberene of our Prophet is not only on 12 Rabiul Awal. It is every single day of the year. Indeed that was has been practicing by the lover of Nabi saw. Maulud which consist not only recitation of Maulid Daibaie, Salawat, Barzanji but also compiles the Sirah, story and path of Prophet saw, method of following his Sunnah, the way in many perspective to deliver his messages and many more. Many Maulud program which I have been attended has been arrange in every single month of the year. But Rabiul Awal is the peak of the day.

Did our Prophet celebrated his birth? Of course. As narrated in Sahih Bukhari. He himself, was fasting on the day he has been born. They are so many narration on how happy, joyous of those around Prophet saw whilst welcoming Prophet saw birth to this world. Thus, fasting on 12 Rabiul Awal is specifically for Prophet saw (Khususiyyat Nabi saw), Jurist has deliberated on the rulings of Maulidurrasul in details with a comprehensive guideline.

I didn't want to repeat the issue which has been discussed by our scholar again and again. If you want/feel to do so you can celebrate it, but if you felt otherwise, let it be.

But let me tell you my dear sisters, there is NO other's program that I have attended in my whole -entire life- that can spark the love, missing, spirit to do more for Islam, to our Prophet far greater than what Majalis of Maulud anNabawi had succeed to do to me.

Honestly, there was no other like it.

We can read books, attend symposium, usrah, halaqah etc. But the effect is just not the same.

Having said that, may we become the chosen one whom our Prophet wouldn't regret to had to spilled the blood for, streams the tears for, screams with a deep thought; Ya Ummati for. May we become as Saiduna Umar narrated from Prophet while he climb the stairs to give Khutbah Jummah:-

Ummah of Prophet was more greater than Ikhwan (those who live with Nabi saw)

Amin. Amin. Amin.

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