Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nadia's Nikah Ceremony

Bride Of The Day


Peace be upon all my beloved sisters. Assalamualaikum.
Ok, I know, I know it been AGES since I bothered anything about my blogs. Please don't shoot be because of this. I didn't know what happen to me lately. I have almost lost interest to write or update my blog. Its like some sort of creature has suck out my passion, love of writing and energy out of me. So don't blame me and please blame 'that' creature. Hehe. Jokes, jokes. Lame jokes, I know.^^
A lot of things has happen around me lately at the same time. The semester for my students almost come to the end and this first semester is kind of unforgetabble for me. I love them and hope and wish the best for them. Me and mr husband did our 'makan-makan' to getting know our neighbors, my BFFJ (best friend forever jannah) ) is finally getting married and the thing that me overwhelming with excitement is my house-to-be will soon be complete! InshALLAH, biiznillah.
Yesterday I just come back from Selangor. I have to settle few things there and at the same rime I went to Nadia's nikah ceremony. Oh my Ya RAB, how she looks stunning. No wonder, she always looks natural and fresh no matter what she wear. She is beautiful person at heart, and that enhance her already beautiful face. BarakaALLAHulak Wabaraka'Alaik Wajam'abainakum Bilkhair. I' so happy for her since she already met her other half. We always share and exchange storieswith each other. I can say after I'm getting married, she is the closest to if we want to consider all my schoolmates and best friends. You gonna be a gorgeous bride and solehah wife, Nad. InshALLAH. I love you soooo very much for the sake of ALLAH. <333


p/s: Nad, ada warkah khas buat Nad. InshALLAH.

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  1. assalamualaikum my dear sist....

    at last....baru dpt open your blog....terharulah su dpt baca your entry abt me....

    alhamdulillah, su....pray for me.....and syukran jaziilan for the letter. A very helpful tips for both of us...

    try to call you but i know you are really busy and di beri ujian kesihatan seketika....will try again to call you....till then...missing you and love you my dear sist.