Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welcome my child


Alhamdulillah, Thummal Hamdulillah.

With Allah's Mercy, Bless and help, I have delivered a baby boy on 17 January 2011:n 7.40 am at the wieght of 3.55kg.

I did nothing so there is nothing to claim, as a servant of HIM, HE did everything and we just strive to do everything up to the very best that we can achieve according to what HE ask us to do.

Merely, as a sign of obedience to ALLAH. Everything, at the first place is ibadah, not an effort to prove anything but everything we did is a sign of fullest submission to HIM. So that, we wouldn't feel well this is our effort, this is my benefit, this is my specialty so on and so forth.

What I'm going through right now, is not a new story at all. All mummies is going through the same process over and over again. Yet again, this is a new phase for me The new challenge is just begin. *grin*. What I found VERY challenging is:-

1) Breastfeeding
2) Bedtime Routine
3) Juggling between works, household chores, baby (and marriage of course)

InsALLAH, here forth, I will jotting down the milestones of my baby (just for my own record) and the things that I learns as a new mother and way to improve myself as a parent.

What amazed me most is having a baby, I learn a lot of myself from him and at the same time it help me to improve myself as a person. Beside that yes, he is an invidual himself, we can do everything based on what we think the best from him, but the end of the day, he is just well....himself + a servant of HIM who will grow according to Allah's plan. We the very best as a servant can do.

May Allah's bless, love, guidance and endless help will assist this new journey of mine. Amin.


  1. Ummu Auni:Gambar tu diambil oleh pro....Macm fb pula. Lepas melahirkan saya banyak FB, saya diactiveted kejap FB tu. Hehe. Shukran datang ziarah Fudhayl ye. Much love.:)

    Sis Wani: Terima kasih.:)