Wednesday, December 15, 2010

She IS Heading To Yemen


How lucky she is.

One of the closet sister of mine, once a colleague in Adni Islamic School and a former student in UIA; sister Rahimah was heading to Yaman just a few days ago!

She is one great sister of mine. I remembered last year we are having a coffee talk with sister Kauthar Dzulkifly (Muadz Dzulkifly sister) and one of their close friend at SACC Mall. After having some lunch in Nando both of us have a quiet and long talk together in one of the cafe at SACC Mall. She has been asking a lot of times for us to meet and we never forget each other despite the times that has flies and how far we have parted. Being married, went I go back to Shah Alam I never really had a time anymore to meet my sahabiah but Allah make things easier for us to see each other. Alhamdulillah.

Have a blissful and bless journey inshALLAH.

11 November 2010- Once a draft


  1. salam sumayyah. ana ada kenal sorang khansa' zulkifli ni..tapi ana tak pulak tahu dia tu adik muadz..hmmmm :-)

  2. ws

    Silap tulis ummi musa. Kauthar not Khansa'. Yang Khansa' pun ada my schoolmate. Pelajar Hira'.