Monday, December 20, 2010

Baking Treats!


I'm speachless and feel like a proud mother. :D

One of the greatest sahabiah of mine whom I have written about her in three of my my post i.e Dia Menangis Lagi, Dia Yang Ku Kenali has moved a step forward.

She is now officially owned an online baking business.

Well, I'm so surprised and sooo proud of her. She indeed is solehah woman, SAHM (Stay At Home Mother) and love to cook, bake and read.

She can speak Arabic more than anyone I know eventhough she never went to any Arab's country. I niqobi she is and a mother to a beautiful toddler; Abdullah.

I remembered once we have talk that we were not that good in cooking before we were married but she was confident once you have the element of taqwa in yourself, Allah will make things easier for you.

During Ramadan, we exchange recipes and she is one of my invited co-author in my cooking blog.

Please support her and I will guarantee inshALLAh you won't be disappointed. I know by all my heart she will put her out most effort, heart and soul in her baking.



Have a peek at the wonders of the above sweet treats!


  1. amboi, hampir2 tadi ingatkan mak buyung ni yg buat :-)

  2. Salam Sumayyah.. I love and enjoy cakes. Particularly made by Muslim. Thanks for sharing such a good link :)
    How's u and baby? Fi khair, in syaAllah.

  3. Ummimusa: Hihi. mak buyung ni dah makin malas memasak. nak makan je kerjanya....

  4. Wasalam Kak Sa'diah: Afwan. Alhamdulillah. Tengah tunggu masa. Baby sangat aktif alhamdulillah. Doakan ya. Shukran