Sunday, October 17, 2010


Actually I'm quite hesitated at first.

Should I or shouldn't I?

I didn't want to share something that in any sense will make people upset.

I want to, ask, discuss certain things that I always wonder. I need helps in a lot of issues regarding this new path of mine but on the other hand I always wonder, should I or shouldn't I?

Facebook is not an option for three reason:-

1) My MIL has advised me to not let this pregnancy publicly known to general. I would like to keep it as low key moment as possible. Personal to only certain people.
2) FB can easily lead to soft-addiction
3) I didn't like to be attach to social networking in terms of communicating with people UNLESS necessary. It is highly addictive, superficial (when we are communicating there more than we are communicating with our friends, neighbors and family) and time consuming.

I understand the feelings of waiting for the...... and I have been going through the same experience. The same feeling only a woman called a wife will understand. Even not all woman called a wife will understand it. For whom which certain period of times is needed until Allah's gift is given, only can understand.

But with my deepest feelings and heartstrings I really hope my new stories here within a new aspect will be a learning experience for me andbe a bundle of joy with my beloved sahabiah.

I always pray for those I love whether I know, barely know or didn't even know.

If they are my sister in Islam, they are always in my prayer.



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